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Summer camp 2017

JUNE 26th-JUNE 30th 10am-1pm

JUL. 17th-JUL. 21st| Etiquette

AUG. 12th 10:00AM-1PM | Weekends Etiquette for Teens


Topics covered:

1. Why are manners so important?

2. Making Introductions and Polite conversations

3. How to have successful school and job interviews

4. Telephone manners

5. Speaking to elders

6. Dress codes for different occasions

7. Host and guest skills

8. 62 Table manners

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What Are Good Manners?

  1. A gesture of respect and consideration for other people.

  2. It teaches your child to be kinder and more polite.

  3. Tells the kind of upbringing your child has.

  4. Tells a lot about you the parent.

  5. Is an indication of your child’s social development.

  6. Earns the respect of peers.

Why Manners Make the Difference:

Good manners do not come naturally. They have to be taught. Children and adults who obtain proper etiquette are more likely to show confidence, leadership skills, self-control, and self discipline. We can make the difference in their lives by teaching them a good foundation in etiquette education. 


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